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Westcott The C47 DP Kit w/ 4' x 4' Frame Hire

Westcott The C47 DP Kit w/ 4' x 4' Frame Hire

A versatile light modification kit designed for multiple purposes and portability, Westcott's theC47 DP Kit includes the framework to construct a 4 x 4' Scrim Jim Cine frame, a vise grip for mounting, and three fabrics to block, flag, diffuse, and bounce various light sources. Created in collaboration with Jem Schofield, founder of the popular filmmaking educational site, theC47, this kit is designed for run-and-gun filmmakers and other on-the-go cinematographers as a portable, yet customizable light control setup.

The included 22"-long Scrim Jim Cine frame tubes, along with straight and 2D corner connectors, are used to construct a rigid 4 x 4' frame panel for attaching the included fabrics via hook-and-loop fasteners. Each of the frame tubes incorporate 3/8"-16 mounts for attaching to stands, and the included center jaw vise grip also permits a versatile range of mounting options. For blocking and flagging light, the 4 x 8' floppy cutter fabric is included, which can be folded and secured for use as a 4 x 4' opaque, matte black flag. A full-stop diffusion fabric can be used to soften both ambient and artificial light sources and a reversible silver/white bounce fabric can also be used to re-direct and diffuse various light types. Additionally, a dedicated DP travel case is also included for protecting the kit contents during travel and storage. All combined, this kit is a portable and versatile solution for modifying and controlling light.

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8 x Westcott Scrim Jim Frame Tube 10"
4 x Wescott Scrim Jim Cine 2" Straight Frame Connector
4 x Wescott Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connector
1 x Wescott Center Jaw Vise Grip
1 x Scrim Jim Rolled Fabric Travel Case
1 x Scrim Jim Cine Silver/White Bounce Fabric 4' x 4'
1 x Scrim Jim Cine Full Stop Diffusion Fabric 4' x 4'
1 x Scrim Jim Cine Black Floppy Cutter Fabric 4' x 8'


- Versatile Light Control Kit
- Block, Flag, Reflect, and Diffuse Light
- Created by Jem Schofield of theC47
- Framework for 4 x 4' Scrim Jim Frame
- 4 x 8' Floppy Cutter Fabric
- Full-Stop Diffuser Fabric
- Reversible Silver/White Bounce Fabric
- Center Jaw Vise Grip
- Dedicated Fabric Travel Case


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