SoftPanels LED Light 1' x 2' Hire

SoftPanels LED Light 1' x 2' Hire

In short, SoftPanels™ are a completely new approach to LED lighting utilizing a built-in color meter and intelligent color management technology in every light, thereby providing unprecedented color precision and smart control over the emitted light. In other words, by utilizing the built-in integrated digital color meter along with the proprietary Autocolor matching technology, these new innovative fixtures can instantly read the current ambient color conditions, and then exactly color-balance their LED color output to match that of the scene’s ambient conditions. 

With this new level of control, you can instantly color-match other lights, as well as ambient conditions, thereby enjoying far more color consistency in a variety of studio and location applications. These new lights also offer a new breakthrough Precise Manual Color Mode with verified color temperature accuracy, a feature that even today’s highest-end professional production LED lights lack. Specifically, conventional variable-color LED lighting fixtures often provide a numerical readout of the color temperature that the fixture is supposedly producing. In addition, these traditional LED lights can also provide pre-set buttons to ‘approximate’ a fixed color temperature [e.g., 5500ºK, 3200ºk, etc.]. In either case, these are only estimates, which are often off by as much as 1000º to 2,000º degrees Kelvin, which introduces substantial color errors that can greatly affect the quality of your work. 

The SoftPanels units come in three familiar soft box sizes – 3x4ft (90x120cm), 2x3ft (60x90cm), and 1x2ft (30x60cm) respectively, yet have a ultra-thin slimline 5 in. (130mm) 'fit anywhere' depth. The 3x4ft version has a powerful 600 watts of LED output, which is equivalent to the output of a 5,000-watt tungsten soft light, yet plugs into an ordinary household power outlet. On top of that, the light emitted by SoftPanels is flicker-free, each unit runs silently, and the 2x3ft and 1x2ft can both be run off camera batteries. In addition, all SoftPanels panels come with a honeycomb grid, gel frame, and soft case [all at no additional cost], and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Now available for rental at The Front. If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it

1 Day Hire
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2 Day Hire / Weekend Hire
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1 Week Hire
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1 Month Hire
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1 x 1' x 2' SoftPanels LED Panel
1 x Ballast
1 x Stand Lock Off
1 x 9 Pin Header Cable
1 x 3 Pin Power Cable
1 x Honeycomb Grid
1 x Diffusion Frame
4 x Frame/Gel Clips
1 x The Front Padded Case
1 x Cine Stand


- 1x2 ft [30x60cm] LED Light, including honeycomb grid, gel frame accessories, and soft case
- Built-in digital LED/ambient Color Meter
- AUTOCOLOR matching feature
- Variable Color: 2700K to 6500K
- 95 CRI Ultra High Color Fidelity LEDs, with extended red spectrum coverage
- 60,000+ hour LED lamp life
- Full range ultra smooth 100% to 0 Dimming
- High light output - equivalent to a 1000w tungsten soft light - 2900 lux/269 FC at 4ft [.8m] - with broad light dispersion/coverage
- Absolutely silent operation [no fan]
- Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle
- 100 Watts - Runs on AC or one high-current Battery [chose either V-mount or Gold integrated battery mounting plate]
- Universal AC input 90-260 volts
- Very energy efficient, less than 1A, 120VAC
- Weight: 16.5 lbs  [7.5 kg]  [all-in-one - no separate ballast]
- 20 ft. AC Power Cord - choose USA, UK, or Euro plug [or bare wire]
- Light mounts in both Vertical or Horizontal position
- DMX built into every light for remote control of color and dimming
- Soft wrap around light quality  - great for HD imagery


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