Risk Aversion



(a) The Risk Payment, if We accept as part of the Order payment, must be paid in full before the Hire Period commences. The Risk Payment covers for loss or damage during the Hire Period, including if caused by wear and tear.

(b) We insure the Equipment and Studio for certain risks. To the extent that Our insurance covers the type of loss or damage incurred while the Equipment or Studio is in Your possession AND We have accepted as part of the Order payment a Risk Payment, Your liability for the loss or damage to the Equipment or Studio, for insured risks, is limited to the payment of the excess levied on Us to claim on Our insurance policy.

(c) If no loss or damage occurs during the Hire Period, the Risk Payment is not refunded to You.

(d) Our insurance does not cover the following:

   (i) Intentional damage or loss;

   (ii) Gross negligence or wilful damage;

   (iii) Damage caused by electrical currents;

   (iv) Damage caused by domestic or wild animals

   (v) Theft or unattended unlocked vehicle or studio or Site; or

   (vi)Not using the Equipment or Studio in accordance with Our directions or directions of the manufacturer of Equipment.

 This list is not limited, and is subject to Our insurer and Our insurance policy.