RED EPIC-W with HELIUM 8K Sensor Hire

RED EPIC-W with HELIUM 8K Sensor Hire

With the EPIC-W brain, RED brings the epic name back to the forefront, featuring their HELIUM 8K Super 35 sensor. While other RED cameras use sensors larger than Super 35, the HELIUM is unique in that it allows for high-resolution 8K recording while using classic cinema lenses designed for the Super 35 film format. While 8K exhibition is not mainstream, the extra recorded resolution is helpful for VFX artists and for future-proofing your productions for a time when 8K is standardized.

All of the EPIC-W's power is enclosed in a relatively small body comprised of magnesium and aluminum. The EPIC-W's size, or lack thereof, makes it very versatile. From studio tripod configuration to handheld and gimbal, drone, or vehicle mounted situations, the EPIC-W can handle it all, providing 8K raw files that punch above the camera's physical size.

At 35.4 megapixels, the HELIUM camera's 8K sensor can resolve the finest details in a captured image and render smooth lines and shapes without the aliasing or "stair-stepping" artifacts found in lower-resolution footage. If you need higher frame rates, lower resolutions and wider aspect ratios can yield up to 300 fps. RED measured the HELIUM sensor as having 16.5 stops of dynamic range, able to represent both deep shadows and hot highlights within the same frame.

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Price on Application

1 x Red Epic-W 8K Body
1 x DSMC2 Red Touch 7 Inch Lcd
1 x DSMC2 V-lock I/o Expander
1 x DSMC2 Side Handle
1 x DSMC2 Top Handle
1 x Choice of DSMC S35 Titanium PL or Canon EF Mount
1 x Bright Tangerine Revolver Atom Follow Focus
1 x Bright Tangerine Viv5 3 Stage Matte Box
1 x Set of Prime Circle IRND 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2
1 x DSMC2 Low Light Optimized OLPF
2 x Red Mini Mag 512GB
1 x Red Mini Mag Station
2 x Red Brick 153Wh
3 x Light Pro Battery 120Wh
1 x Red Brick Station
1 x Quick Release Platform (Dovetail)
1 x DSMC 15mm Adapter
1 x Dovetail Mounting Plate
1 x DSMC2 Lemo Adapter A
1 x DSMC2 Lemo Adaper B
1 x Dual Outrigger Handle
1 x LCD/EVF Cable 18 Inch
1 x Red Arm 9 Inch
1 x E-image Cinearm 12 Inch
2 x Rails 10 Inch
1 x Red DSMC2 Bolt Kit
1 x Custom Laser Cut Case


- 8K Super-35 CMOS Sensor
- 8192 x 4320 Recording up to 30 fps
- REDCODE RAW, ProRes, and DNx Recording
- High-Speed Recording up to 300 fps in 2K
- Uses DSMC2 Accessories
- Records to RED MINI-MAG Media
- Interchangeable Lens Mounts
- Magnesium and Aluminum Construction


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