Profoto Magnum Reflector Hire

Profoto Magnum Reflector Hire

The Profoto Magnum can also be modified with the ProTube, Barndoors and Grids for additional control.



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1 Day Hire
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2 Days Hire
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1 Week Hire
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1 Month Hire
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The Front’s Profoto Magnum Reflector Rental includes:

1 x Profoto Magnum Zoom Reflector

Light spread: 50° at position 10, 35° at position 7 and 25° at position 4.,br>Output at 2 m with 2,400 Ws @ ISO 100: f/128.1 at zoom position 8.
Use the optional Grids, BarnDoors or the ProTube for even more precise light shaping.
Designed to withstand years of everyday use.
Features Profoto's unique zoom function ? shape the light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head.

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