Photek Softlighter II Large Umbrella Hire

Photek Softlighter II Large Umbrella Hire
The Photek Softlighter II 60" (152.4cm) Umbrella, available for hire at The Front, takes light from your strobe head or monolight, reflects it into its white panel, then softens it again with a diffuser on its way out.

Pick up from our Sydney studio or arrange for delivery throughout Australia, with express same-day services in Sydney.

1 Day Hire
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2 Day / Weekend Hire
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1 Week Hire
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1 Month Hire
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The Front’s Photek Softlighter II Large Umbrella Rental includes: 

1 x Photek Softlighter II Large 60” Umbrella
1 x 8mm Removable Shaft
1 x Photek Large 60” Nylon Diffuser
1 x Photek Bag

This 60" size is perfect for a 1 - 2 person full length portrait, or 4x5 ft product setup.

- Unique construction consisting of ten panels instead of the usual eight gives more reflective surface, more perfect circle of light - more flattering catch lights in the subject's eyes.
- The removable black nylon cover stops all stray and ricochet, enhancing total light control.
- With removal of its black cover and a reversal of direction, the Softlighter II becomes a "softbox" -- a shoot-through diffuser, providing light that can be used either as a main light source or as a flattering fill.


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