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O'CONNOR 1030Ds Fluid Head & 30L Tripod System Hire

O'CONNOR 1030Ds Fluid Head & 30L Tripod System Hire

The Ultimate 1030DS Fluid Head & 30L Tripod System from OConnor is a package comprising of the 1030DS fluid head, 30L carbon fiber tripod, mid-level spreader, set of rubber feet, and soft carrying case. The 1030Ds supports heavier payloads up to 41 lbs. (18.6 kg) at 6” (15cm) COG with a +/- 60° tilt range. Without the head attached, the carbon fiber tripod adjusts from 22 to 61.8" and folds down to 29.5" for storage and transport. The tripod on its own can support payloads up to 209 lb. The mid-level spreader and rubber feet hold the tripod legs in position, providing rigidity and stability to the overall system.

The tripod system packs into the soft carrying case for easy transportation.The Oconnor Ultimate 1030DS Fluid Head Is a lightweight fluid head that shares features with the other fluid heads in the OConnor Ultimate fluid head line. This allows operators to easily transition between lighter and heavier cameras without having to relearn think about the differences between fluid heads. The head supports 41 pounds worth of camera and accessories at a C.O.G. (center of gravity) 6 inches above the camera platform.

The counterbalance system helps prevent the camera from tilting forward or back on the head on its own, and to remain in the position the operator places it without requiring additional effort to hold it in place. The counterbalance system on the 1030DS is a stepless system, so it is continuously variable from the maximum weight the head can support all the way down to zero. This makes the 1030DS extremely versatile, and suitable for use with heavy ENG style cameras all the way down to lightweight cameras, while maintaining the same operational feel.

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1 Day Hire
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2 Day / Weekend Hire
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1 Week Hire
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1 x O'Connor 1030DS 100mm Ball Fluid Head
1 x O'Connor 30L 100mm Ball Tripod System
1 x 1030Ds & 30L Tripod Bag


- 41lb limit on head
- Easy use with both light and heavy payloads
- Strong and sturdy tripod Support and spreader
- Ingenious counterbalance system


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