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Kino Flo Select 30 DMX Kit with Flight Case Hire

Kino Flo Select 30 DMX Kit with Flight Case Hire

Equally at home on the road or in the studio the Select 30 Kit with Flight Case from Kino Flo offers variable color temperature from 2700 to 6500K as well as magenta-green adjustment for fine tuning. The kit comes with the Select 30 fixture, mounting plate and receiver, 90 degree louver, LED Controller, a 25' head-to-controller cable, and a hard flight case. The LED Controller for Kino Flo Select 30 Fixture from Kino Flo is a detachable controller for the Select 30 LED heads. The controller can be mounted on the back of the lamp head or used remotely up to 25' away with an optional extension cable.

It enables the fixture to produce a consistent light level across the variable 2700 to 6500K color temperature range in the White Menu and 2500 to 9900K in the Color Menu. The White Menu has Dimming, Kelvin and Green/Magenta adjustment channels. The Color Menu gives you access to Gel, Hue Angle and Saturation channels. The Gel channel includes presets such as blue and green screen, sodium vapor, mercury vapor and over 100 well-known lighting gels. Hue Angle and Saturation channels act like a traditional color wheel with a 360-degree color range and choice of color intensity.

The detachable controller has a display screen for menu navigation and information display, as well as physical buttons for navigation and settings.
 This hard-wired DMX controller is augmented by wireless DMX, which is provided by Lumen Radio. It can accept worldwide AC power and can also be powered by DC via a 3-pin XLR connector.

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The Front's Kino Flo Select 30 DMX Kit with Flight Case Rental Includes:
1 x Select LED 30 Fixture (CFX-SL30)
1 x Select LED 150 DMX Controller (LED-150X)
1 x MTP-BC41 Mount w/ Baby Receiver Curve (16mm) (MTP-BC41)
1 x Extension, 25ft (X12-25)
1 x Flight Case (KAS-DL30)
1 x C-Stand


The Front's Kino Flo Select 30 DMX Kit Features:
- Tunable Kelvin 2500K to 9900K in Color Menu
- Tunable Kelvin 2700K to 6500K in White Menu
- Dimming without color shift
- Green/Magenta control
- Kino Flo presets and Gel presets
- Dial-in color using Hue angle and Saturation control
- Universal input 100-240 VAC and 18-36 VDC
- Manual and DMX dimming with Auto Terminate
- DMX wireless (Lumen Radio)
- Flicker-free, dead-quiet operation


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