Joker 1600W ZOOM Beamer HMI Hire

Joker 1600W ZOOM Beamer HMI Hire

The Joker 1600 Zoom Beamer HMI can't be beaten when it comes to high-efficiency daylight (5600K) HMI output.

The lensless, high-temperature black reflector focuses light between 15-65 degrees and is specifically engineered around the image of the 1,600W HMI lamp, ensuring the best quality output.

The Joker 1600 HMI is also surprisingly compact, fitting securely into an airline case along with the Ballast, Barndoors and Scrim Set.

Available now for hire at the Front, Sydney Arrange for pick up or delivery throughout Australia.


If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it.

1 Day Hire
inc. GST
2 Days Hire
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1 Week Hire
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1 Month Hire
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The Front’s Joker 1600 Zoom Beamer HMI Rental includes:

1 x Joker 1600W HMI Zoom Beamer Head & Lamp Cable
1 x Encased Reflector with Clear Glass Protection
1 x Bracket with Handle & Lock Off Screw
1 x Mesh Beaker
1 x Clear Glass Beaker
1 x 25 Foot Extension Cable
1 x Four Leaf Barndoors
1 x K5600 Ballast with Power Cord
1 X Scrim Bag
2 x Full Double Scrim 12”1 x Full Single Scrim 12”
2 x Safety Wire
1 x 1600W/SE/HR/UVC HMI Lamp
1 x 1600W/SE/HR/UVC HMI Lamp (Spare)
1 x Pelican Case
2 x Alcohol Wipes
1 x Rolling Hard Carry Case


Joker 1600 Zoom Beamer HMI Key Features Include:

- 1,600W Lamp
- 5600K Colour Temperature
- Zoom Beamer Reflector: 15-45 Degrees
- Clear and Frosted Beaker Protectors
- 25' Extension Cable
- 9.0' Head Cable
- Electronic Ballast 90-265V, 50/60Hz
- Ballast is Fan Cooled
- 50% Dimmable
- Hard Carrying/Shipping Case


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