Genus Variable ND Filter Circular Hire

Genus Variable ND Filter Circular Hire

The Genus Variable ND hire Filter rental delivers between approximately 2 and 8 stops of light reduction by simply rotating the adjustment ring on the front of the filter.

The smooth rotating action and stepped markings ensure precise adjustment of the amount of light entering your lens. This in turn offers the freedom for you to shoot at a specific shutter speed, aperture and ISO without the risk of overexposure.

The variable ND filter also allows you to utilise slower shutter speeds in broad daylight to emphasise the movement of elements such as flowing water or clouds.

Available for hire at The Front, you can pick up from our Sydney studio or arrange for delivery throughout Australia.


If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it.

1 Day Hire
inc. GST
2 Day / Weekend Hire
inc. GST
1 Week Hire
inc. GST
1 Month Hire
inc. GST
- 0.6-2.4 Variable Neutral Density Filter
- Reduce Exposure by 2-8 Stops
- Greater Control Over Exposure Settings
- Larger Front Threads Reduce Vignetting
- Maintains Neutral Color and Clarity
- Optical Glass Construction
- Aluminium Filter Ring with Index Markings

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