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Clavius Lens Set Hire (EF Mount)

Clavius Lens Set Hire (EF Mount)

PL Mount also available on request. Now available to rent at The Front.

Price on Application

1 x 28mm F2 EF Mount
1 x 38mm F2 EF Mount
1 x 58mm F2 EF Mount
1 x 88mm F2 EF Mount
PL Mount also available on request


- Full Frame / VV coverage (DXL, Monstro, Arri LF)
- Historic optical elements (Single Layer MgF2 Coated Primary Elements)
- Classical lower contrast rendering
- Ultra responsive to flaring
- Interchangeable aperture disks (ovals, soft focus, defocus distortion, apodised, translucent etc)
- Unorthodox optical designs
- f/2.0 aperture throughout the range
- Pleasing balance of resolution and character
- Stainless PL Mount (works with PL-EOS adaptors)
- F-2.0 Aperture (circaT-2.3)
- Optically Matched using historic glass
- Variable Aperture - fluid f2-f16
- TRUMP Aperture System - drop in 'waterstop' aperture disks for bokeh control / defocus efx
- 0.8Mod Geared Focus Ring - with 270degrees of rotation
- 43.5mm Image Circle - Designed for full frame photographic 135 format
- 86mm x 0.75 - front filter thread (95mm front diameter)


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