Canon CN-E Cine Prime 50mm T1.3 L F Lens Hire

Canon CN-E Cine Prime 50mm T1.3 L F Lens Hire

The perfect lens for medium-closeups and close-ups. The Canon CN-E 50mm T135 L F Cine Lens designed for Cinema Cameras but may also be mounted on to any EF-mount DSLR.

A maximum aperture of T1.3 means poorly lit scenes do not limit your options. Wide open it will give you stunningly shallow depth-of-field.

The 11-bladed aperture produces a beautifully rounded Bokeh. When in focus, this lens is incredibly sharp, thanks to the large aspherical elements.

The stepless diaphragm allows for smooth and accurate control.

The all-metal construction feels solid and reliable in the hand, yet not overly heavy.

All markings are on angled surfaces to allow you view aperture and focal settings from behind the camera with ease. The stepless diaphragm also allows for smooth and accurate control.

This lens also shares the same diameter, rotation angle and gear positioning as the other CN-E lenses for consistency and operability, minimizing the need to change around your stabilization rig mid-shoot.

Available individually or as part of a kit, get your hands on the Canon CN-E 50mm T1.3 L F Cine Lens Hire from The Front, Sydney.


If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it.

1 Day Hire
inc. GST
2 Day / Weekend Hire
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1 Week Hire
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1 Month Hire
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The Front’s Canon CN-E Cine Prime 50mm T1.3 L F Lens Rental Includes:

1 x Front Lens Cap
1 x Back Lens Cap

- 50mm Focal Length
- Maximum Aperture of f/1.3
- EF Mount
- For Canon C-Series and Full-Frame DSLRs
- 11-Blade Rounded Diaphragm
- Stepless and Manual Diaphragm Ring
- 300? Barrel Rotation
- Superb Available Light Performance
- Consistent and attractive Bokeh

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