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ARRIMAX M12 1200W Hire

ARRIMAX M12 1200W Hire

The Arrimax M12 with the 1.2kW lamp combines the optical characteristics of a Fresnel and a Par Fixture for powerful and professional light distribution, making it a very popular option.

The M12's unique lensless reflector produces diverging rays of light which result in very crisp shadows. And a beam angle of 20 to 60 degrees with a wide usable field angle gives you the versatility you need.

At 1200W, the M12 is one of the most powerful HMI lights you can get powered from a standard 10amp standard household power outlet, making it a very versatile HMI lighting option.

If you need more power, the 1.2kW bulb can also be switched for a 1.8kW bulb (click here to view the M18 option).

Get in touch with us today about hiring the Arrimax M12 at The Front, Sydney.


If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it.

1 Day Hire
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2 Days Hire
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1 Week Hire
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1 Month Hire
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The Front’s ArriMax M12 1200W HMI Rental Includes:

1 x Arri M12 HMI Head & Lamp Cable
1 x Spillkill
1 x Focusing Knob
1 x Bracket with Tilt Lock Lever & 29mm Stand Mount
1 x Cable Holder (Blue)
1 x Four Leaf Barndoors
1 x Head to Ballast Cable
1 x Aluminum Case
1 x 1200W/SE/HMI G38 Lamp
1 x 1200W/SE/HMI G38 Lamp (Spare)
2 x Alcohol Wipes
1 x Pelican Case
1 x PowerGems Electronic Ballast EB180 with Power Cord
1 x Pelican Case


Arrimax M18 Key Features Include:

- Smart 1800W Lamp Technology
- Runs from Domestic Sockets
- Light Dims between 50 and 100%
- Protection from Overheating
- Noise Reduction in the Luminary
- Lensless ARRIMAX Technology


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