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Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II Hire

Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II Hire

With a DMX512 - control, variable haze output and fan speed with latest processor technology, The Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II rental is packed with features to ensure you get the effects you're looking for.

The machine has a compartment for 5 litres of fluid which creates a fine haze, filling the air with a "Designer Mist", and a perfect environment for beam effects and moving light shows.

Available now for hire at the Front, Sydney. Arrange for pick up or delivery throughout Australia.


If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it.

1 Day Hire
inc. GST
2 Day / Weekend Hire
inc. GST
1 Week Hire
inc. GST
1 Month Hire
inc. GST

The Front’s Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II Rental includes:

1 x Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II
1 x Hose
1 x 4L Rosco Fog Fluid Bottle
1 x DMX Control
1 x Power Cable
1 x The Front Customised Case

- DMX-control
- Variable haze output and fan speed
- Latest processor technology
- Flightcased in 19? for easy packing and transportation
- Compartment for 5 litre fluid can
- Power Consumption: 1600 W
- Weight (without fluid): 15.2 kg
- Pre-heat time apx. 60 sec.
- Fluid: #172095


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