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All the latest//Profoto Cine Reflector with Profoto Daylight 800 Air HMI

Want more control over your light in your videos and photos?

Check out this light test on the new Profoto Cine Reflector.

This Profoto Cine Reflector gives anyone more control over his or her lighting. We had one of our friendly staff construct a light test to show all our wonderful friends of The Front what this epic new Cine Reflector can do. (Check out the photo to see the results).

The kit comes with a variety of different Fresnel lenses, a base reflector and a nice pair of OJ Simpson gloves. Unlike any other Fresnel lights the Cine Reflector gives you a vast choice of lenses from super wide to narrow beam.

Lets list some things that make this reflector a winner:

-       So many lenses to choose from!
-       Light control at its best
-       No ballast equals easy handling and keeping things tidy
-       You can use this Cine reflector with Profoto HMIs as well as your Profoto flash heads
-       One can change to a clear Pyrex which allows another stop to your out put.
-       Don’t let the compact size fool you, the lenses are still decent to use!

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