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Latest Blogs

NEW Joker 1600 Zoom Beamer HMI!

We’re so excited about our NEW Joker 1600 Zoom Beamer HMI! It’s insanely bright – a dazzling 3 stops higher than our Bron HMI, and it’s the first to be hired out in all of Australia. We can’t wait to share it with you!

The Little Black Jacket by Chanel: One More Day To Check it Out!

If you havent had a chance to check out this exhibition by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld… go today! This exhibition is definitely not to be missed. Showcasing over 100 images, you will have a great time slowly strolling through all the image.. and even being able to take 4 of the artist multiples home with you! Yeh!

This exhibition will even leave you inspired to get yourself a little black jacket ;)

Only opened till Nov 11th..

The Informative bits: Location: PIER 2/3, 13 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay


Just a thought…

A call out to all the creative nuts out there! Check out this interesting post:


“Truly creative people tend not to be motivated by money. That’s why so few of us have any. The riches we crave are acknowledgment and appreciation of the ideas that we have and the things that we make. A simple but sincere “That’s quite good.” from someone who’s opinion we respect (usually a fellow artisan) is worth infinitely more than any pay-rise or bonus. Again, our industry masters cleverly exploit this insecurity and vanity by offering glamorous but worthless trinkets and elaborately staged award schemes to keep the artists focused and motivated. Like so many demented magpies we flock around the shiny things and would peck each others eyes out to have more than anyone else. Handing out the odd gold statuette is a whole lot cheaper than dishing out stock certificates or board seats.

The compulsion to create is unstoppable. It’s a need that has to be filled. I’ve barely ‘worked’ in any meaningful way for half a year, but every day I find myself driven to ‘make’ something. Take photographs. Draw. Write. Make bad music. It’s just an itch than needs to be scratched. Apart from the occasional severed ear or descent into fecal-eating dementia the creative impulse is mostly little more than a quaint eccentricity. But introduce this mostly benign neurosis into a commercial context.. well that way, my friends lies misery and madness.”

Manfrotto Maxima LED: $100 Weekly Special

Until the end of November 2012 come and hire the New Manfrotto Maxima 84 LED for a week for only $100 including GST!


Mid Week Specials!

Hey Everyone! Mid Week Specials now in action! Order gear on Tuesday AM and return Thursday PM for a one day Price!
Call us to book today!

Come Join The Fun- The Front Internship!

Always thought that The Front team were an awesome bunch of people? Why not join us! We are looking for an intern who would be keen for some experience and wants to join our incredibly cool, friendly team! Continue Reading →

“Brutal Beauty: Faces of Australian Roller Derby- Gunther Hang

Gunther Hang’s first solo show titled ‘Brutal Beauty: Faces of Australian Roller Derby’ was shot all on location around Australia while using The Fronts Profoto lighting rental gear. Continue Reading →

Client Call! James Mullins

I would like to thank Stan and the crew from The Front for always providing great suggestions on how to achieve specific results.

They are a great help. And always seem to be up to date with the latest equipment. Continue Reading →

Vivid Sydney (25th May – 11th June 2012)

The Vivid Sydney festival is slowly creeping up once again! Did you know this festival is on of the biggest festivals of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere? This is one fantastic festival to check if you want to immerse yourself in all that’s happening throughout the different areas of the creative industries. Vivid Sydney has been internationally acknowledged as one of the top global ideas festivals and provides a platform for all its attendees with the new innovative ideas and happens within our creative world today. This festival holds a variety of seminars, workshops, installations and entertainment. Continue Reading →

Newcomer…..The Twitchery

Australia’s leading illustration agency The Jacky Winter Group this week announced the launch of their new photographic agency “The Twitchery“. Alongside their illustration roster, their animation company “Flutter”, and their success managing only the best advertising campaigns they are now placed as the only agency of this kind in Australia, a one stop creative shop! Continue Reading →

Bleeding Knees Club – James Adams

I’d never had any trouble shooting the Bleeding Knees Club before. We grew up in the same town and surfed the same waves so it was easy tagging along to their little night club shows and parties they’d organise themselves to shoot photos of them getting wild on stage. I moved to Sydney around the same time that they were getting more widely recognised and were recording and touring overseas. Continue Reading →

Daniella Rech- Shooting in the Studio

Last Thursday Montana Cox, make-up artist Mia Hawkswell and i spent the morning shooting at THE FRONT STUDIO’S.

I love shooting in natural light and using shadows to create a moody feel. Even though the studio has every light you could need, there was the most amazing light coming through the ceiling that i couldn’t resist but use. Continue Reading →

TheFrontStudios Now On Instagram!!!!

Hello to our wonderful friends!

The Front has now conformed to the ways of Instagram!!!!! Find us and follow us today!!!

The Front Camera Review- Nikon D4

A shooting sojourn in the Australian outback

- Review by Alfred Chippington Continue Reading →

The Front Camera Review- Nikon D800

Working with the Nikon D800 in the toughest of lighting conditions:

Blog entry by – Josh Power Continue Reading →

Easter is not to Far away!!

Dont miss out ordering your equipment under our Easter special this Long Weekend!


Is it a Rabbit or is it a Duck?

Only pay 2 days for a 4 day hire this long weekend! To find out more about this give us a call at The Front on (02) 8399 0027.*

This special  is subject to availability.

The Front Camera Review- Canon 5D MkIII

How the Canon 5D III Helped Me Save The Day.

- by Rajib Mukee Continue Reading →

Last Chance To Win!!

Hello to all the Frontiers out there!!!

TODAY is the last dat where you have the chance to win $500 worth of rental equipment here at the front! Dont Miss out!!

Just hop onto our Facebook page  and post up you pet image today! Dont Miss out!

The Front PETiton- $500 worth of Equipment Hire!

Get involved people, upload your pet photo and WIN!! Continue Reading →

Get Ready…. For the Canon EOS 5D Mk III

Get ready for the new and improved Canon EOS 5D Mk III. This beauty will be on its way to our studios this coming April! Ah! Only about a month away! Continue Reading →

Just in case you need them…

Ok, so we know that sometimes all this gear can get a little confusing, even for all the Pros out there. So we’ve added downloadable instruction manuals to our site to make it easy for you to grab them anywhere you are.

If you’re finding you’re having problems with any of our gear and can’t quite figure it out, don’t hesitate to give our technical team a call on (02) 8399 0027.

Click here to view all our manuals.

Click here to order any gear.

The Front Team.

Flashing News! Quantum QFlash Model T5D-R For Hire

Finding that your regular speedlite overheats or doesn’t spread the even light that your after? Look no further we have the PERFECT portable flash for you! Whether you’re shooting a wedding, event, interior/exterior space, or portraits this versatile flash will become your best friend in photography. Many users have spoken highly of the Qflash’s ability to provide even and constant light that has enough power to brighten areas that a regular speedlite would struggle to bring out. Its dependable illumination and almost instant recovery time ensures each of your images to be spot on. Continue Reading →

New Superior Seamless Paper Rolls at The Front!

Let me introduce you to the new range of paper rolls stocked here at The Front! We offer a variety of different colours to suit whatever mood your in. These seamless papers can be used for merchandising displays, photographic backdrops, theatrical sets, as well as green or blue screens for any videographer*. These superior rolls are made from heavy-duty paper, which resists wrinkles and creases. Continue Reading →


Friends of The Front,


Here at The Front we want to make sure you have access to ALL the latest camera & video equipment on the market. Keep an eye out on our website for the LATEST release of Canon and Nikons newest cameras on the market. If you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll be the first to know when we get the gear in. Pre-Order your camera rental now and get 20% OFF your camera order? Continue Reading →

50% off* Profoto Striplights

Take advantage of this AMAZING OFFER from The Front! Continue Reading →


Zico O’neill and Christopher Hope from Pieces (www.piecespeople.com) jumped on board to create The Fronts latest Ad. for Yen & Oyster Magazines. The boys took on a mammouth task of building a giant installation of The Fronts logo. Completely made out of photographic equipment found in the studio. After an EPIC 36hours of continuous shooting Zico and Chris had designed one of the most technically challenging photographers they had ever attempted.

Take a look at the results below! To view the behind the scenes video, click here.


This is the 4th time we have visited THE FRONT with the Photographer’s Assistant Class that I run at the Australian Centre for Photography. And like the classes before this is the absolute highlight for the students. Continue Reading →

Congratulation to all Sydney Film School award recipients

Congratulations to all of Sydney Film Schools Students who featured in the 15th SFS Festival. It looked like an amazing standard and quality of work this year. A special mention to the best Cinematographer award who went to Justin Gong and Jesse Peacock – each receive a 25% discount off their next rental at The Front. Glad we could help out guys!


To further enhance our video camera rental we have just brought in a range of Kessler cranes and camera jibs for hire. These boom like devices are essential for creating smooth movements horizontally, vertically or a combination of the two for any film shoot. Continue Reading →

Goybirl Pilot Filmed at The Front

One Leaf Productions shoot Goybirl pilot at The Front Studio. Goy & Birl, a boy and girl, are two fictional characters in a 13-part children’s comedy series that combines dance and Australian Sign Language.

© One Leaf Productions 2011


So you’ve probably been hearing a lot about The Fronts new online creative directory… Well here’s the scoop!

Continue Reading →

The Front sponsors the next generation of creatives!

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Continue Reading →

Get more light for less cost

The Front is Australia’s largest Briese rental/hire company and we have slashed 30% OFF all our Briese HMI and Briese Focus HMI lights!!!!! Continue Reading →

123… Camera + Tripod + Lens//Get shooting!

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Continue Reading →

All the latest//Profoto Cine Reflector with Profoto Daylight 800 Air HMI

Want more control over your light in your videos and photos?

Check out this light test on the new Profoto Cine Reflector.

This Profoto Cine Reflector gives anyone more control over his or her lighting. We had one of our friendly staff construct a light test to show all our wonderful friends of The Front what this epic new Cine Reflector can do. (Check out the photo to see the results). Continue Reading →

Bring on Summer!

Ever wanted to get amazing underwater shots but didn’t know how?

Good news!

The Front is now stocking AquaTechs entire range of underwater housing and sound blimps.

A huge THANK-YOU to Phil Gallagher from AquaTech for coming in and showing all the crew at The Front AquaTech’s range of underwater housing and sound blimps.  Camera installation is extremely fast and simple to master, give us a call on (02) 8399 0027 if you want to come in and test them out. Continue Reading →


The Front has just installed a new lighting grid to go in our state-of-the-art studio. No longer will you be limited using simple lighting set ups and stands.  Now you can hang your lights from above and complete some of the most complex lighting set ups you can imagine.

Crazy Price Drop

Friends of The Front,

BIG news!! We have decided to drop the prices on all of our cameras and lenses. We know everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment but we still want to make it possible for you guys to go out and shoot with your favourite camera! Continue Reading →


Just got this super human lens in guys!

The Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS MkII is the next generation in super telephoto lenses. Equipped with Canon’s image stabalization and magnesium alloy for improved build quality, coupled with dust and waterproofing makes this ultra high-performance lens for sports and wildlife photography. The Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS MkII is designed for full frame DSLR camera bodies such as the Canon EOS 1Ds and Canon EOS 5D. The Canon 400mm f/2.8 MkII Lens is also compatible with APS-C sized cameras such as the Canon EOS 7D where it has a focal length of 640mm. Continue Reading →

Calling all videographers!

Ever found it a little difficult when filming to always have to look at a small LCD screen whilst using manual focus, and attempting to keep the camera steady and focused? Or find that the LCD screen gets a little hard to see in sunlight and glary conditions? Well we at the Front have a solution for you!  The Z-Finder Pro DSLR Viewfinder is an Optical Viewfinder that allows DSLR cameras to have the correct form factor for your videos. It offers a brilliant focusable magnification, a 40mm diameter Zacuto optical designed lens, an anti-fog coating protective cover, an eyecup preventing extraneous light leakage, a dioptre (allows you to dial in the focus to match your eye) and a field of view matched to 3″ LCD screens. It can’t get any cooler than that! Continue Reading →

JUST ADDED!! Canon 8–15mm EF f/4L Fisheye Lens Hire

Canon 8–15mm EF f/4L Fisheye Lens Hire

For Photographers and Filmmakers who want the look and feel only possible with the extreme wide angle and fisheye photography. This lens is for you! Continue Reading →

Welcome to Fun Fridays at The Front!

Really want to test out that new lens or the latest DSLR video gear but don’t have the budget? Place any order on Friday for the coming weekend and only pay for 1 day!

The Boring Bits: All orders are subject to availability, cannot be combined with any other offer and orders must be placed on Friday for the coming weekend.

If you have any questions let us know, or give us a call (02) 8399 0027.

Your Friends at The Front.

The Front now stocking Studio 501

Hello to all Frontiers!

Ever heard of one funky place called Studio 501? Well if you haven’t, you are just about to leave this post with some epic info! Studio 501 can be found in the heart of Surry Hills with a working space of 200sqm! And it gets even bigger and better from there! Finding that our studio is booked out but would still love to use our equipment? Here’s the ultimate answer…You can hire out Studio 501 as well as hiring gear from us at The Front with free delivery included on all orders over $100 and 24hrs notice! Wow.

Doesn’t get any better than that! Interested in finding out more?

Jump onto their website today at www.thestudio501.com


The Front welcomes ACP photography students

For the 3rd time this year I have taken my keen Photographer’s Assistant students from the Australian Centre for Photography for a field trip to The Front.

In 3 hours we get a tour of the studio with it’s freshly painted cyc- big oh’s and ah’s reactions as for some this is the first time they see a “real” photo studio. Then we head downstairs for some Q&A time with Sebastian who chats to us about his Assisting experience and get some good tips on how to handle the gear when we hire it. Continue Reading →

The Front’s new online creative directory!

The Front has just launched an online Creative Directory!
Make sure you submit your free listing!

en joyride exhibition

the en joyride exhibition, opening night 2nd June! Make sure you go check it out and support Josh, Faz & Wing!

Rod Owen shooting the cover of Surfing USA MAG!

Rod Owen totally nailing the cover of Surfing USA! Take a look at this shot of Ace Buchan taken last month on the South Coast using a few items from our equipment room.

Check out more of his work on his site www.owenphoto.com.au

Arri Tungstens at The Front

We’ve got some brand spankin’ new Arri Tungstens in at The Front, check them out online!!

Arri Fresnel’s lights at The Front….

New to The Front are a bunch of Arri Fresnels. Perfect light weight tungsten for shooting any stills or video project.

-Arri 650w Plus
-Arri T1 Fresnel 1000w
-Arri T2 Fresnel 2000w

New to The Front

New Monopod just in at The Front!!!

-Manfrotto 561BHDV Monopod (with Manfrotto 701HDV Fluid Head)

Coming Soon to The Front……

New Nikon and Canon lenses available soon!!!

-Nikkor PC-E Micro 24mm f/3.5D ED Lens
-Nikkor PC-E Micro 45mm f/2.8D ED Lens
-Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.4G Lens

And another Canon 50mm f/1.2 USM is soon to arrive to add to our stock of Canon prime lenses.

Keep your eyes posted!!!

Circus Girl

take a look at this beautiful fashion video filmed on set of this month’s Circus Girl shoot for Vogue Australia, shot on location and at The Front’s studio.

Produced by Max Doyle
Filmed and edited by Joshua Heath

vogue australia: hannah holman photoshoot with photographer Max Doyle from joshua heath on Vimeo.

The Front in Australian Vogue

Check out the beautiful work in this month’s Australian Vogue by Kai Z Feng and Mr Max Doyle. Both photographers used studio and equipment from The Front!

Photographed by Kai Z FengPhotographed by Max Doyle

Canon 70-300mm available to hire at The Front

Friends of The Front!

New lens just in, the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM.

Take a look…


Modern Worship Exhibition Sydney

We’re helping our friends at Gallery A.S. by Joseph Allen Shea light the venue for Daniel Askill’s exhibition ‘Modern Worship’

Remember to check it out later this month!

Opening night is Wednesday 20th April at Gallery A.S. at The Christian Science Church (Cnr Liverpool Street & Forbes Street, Darlinghurst) Continue Reading →

Extended opening hours at The Front!

Friends! The Front is now open for you all on Saturdays!!

See below for our extended operating hours..

8am-6pm Monday to Friday

8am-4pm Saturdays

Times applicable to deliveries, customer pick-ups and drop offs.

Easter Hire Special at The Front

Anyone thinking of doing some shooting during the Easter break? Take a look at the special online hire package we are doing for Easter!

Orders can be collected from 12pm Wed 20th April until 7pm Thurs 21st April and are to be returned by 12pm on Wed 27th April. All orders subject to availability, some hire exclusions apply. Continue Reading →

Carl Zeiss lens hire at The Front

Happy Friday peoples!

Literally just in at The Front, Toby has unpacked our new range of Carl Zeiss lenses!!!

Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/85mm
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/50mm

These lenses are compatible with Canon cameras. So come in and check them out or take a look on our website…


The Front in Capture Magazine featuring Sebastian Kriete

The Front regular, Sebastian Kriete (whose image of Caitlin Lomax features in this month’s Capture magazine), talks about what makes a perfect photo shoot. Continue Reading →


The Front team were very excited to see Australia’s film beauties, Cate and Nicole grace our studio for a US Instyle photo shoot. Shot by Kai Z Feng, based in New York, who at 26 years had won major assignments with international brands including: Burberry, Aquascutum, Blumarine,  Elie Saab, and Jaeger. Continue Reading →

Canon EF 200mm f/2 IS USM lens

Tim Jonaburger on a recent trip to one of Africa’s hot savannahs. Seen here shooting in hope of winning this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year award whilst using our Canon EF 200mm f/2 IS USM lens. This wonderful lens incorporates Canon’s highest standard of precision optics!

RENT IT OUT TODAY!! http://shop.thefront.com.au/canon-200mm-lens-hire-p-352.html


Australian Women’s Weekly shoots at The Front, Sydney.

Check out some of the shoots hosted by The Front for Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine!

Australian Women’s Weekly shoots at The Front – Facebook Album!

The Front photoshoot for Oyster & Helmet Magazine

Check out the ad we did for Oyster Mag’s December Issue and the first edition of Helmet Mag. In collaboration with our talent Dougé & AMAZING photographer Rene Vaile. Yeow! The brief for Rene was that The Front Studio is THE space for bringing ideas to life. What better way of showcasing this via industry “Strong Man” Douglas “Dougé” Gibson, a regular at The Front Studio. He had a good time lifting up our Profoto & Bron gear with the help from Rene and the Front gang! Continue Reading →

Christmas Hire Special!

The Front Christmas Holiday Special!

Make your mum happy this christmas, hire some gear and do some family portraits!

Hire equipment for 13 days over our Christmas holiday period for the price of a 3 day rental!!

Merry Christmas!


Kit Includes
1 x Broncolor Scoro A4s RFS 3200ws Flashpack
2 x Pulso G Flash Heads
2 x 004 stands
1 x RFS Transmitter Continue Reading →


Make sure you keep an eye on our weekend specials at The Front!

Weekend Profoto AcuteB 600 Kit Rental (Sydney)

Kit includes:

1 x Profoto AcuteB 600R Pack
1 x Spare Battery
2 x Profoto Acute Heads
2 x 004 Stand
1 x Pocket Wizard Transmitter

Price: $168.00 exGST for the weekend!




Our new bookings site is live! Continue Reading →

White Interior Softbox


40% off new medium Chimera softboxes with white interior… ultra soft, ultra white… softer than a little white bunny rabbit made out of clouds!!

Give us a call or send us an email and we will hook you up!

Nikon deal for this weekend!

Straight out of the BOX!
Brand spanking new Nikon lenses in our rental stock:

Nikkor 24mm AF-S f/1.4G
Nikkor 50mm AF f/1.8D
Nikkor 50mm AF-S f/1.4G
Nikkor 85mm AF f/1.4D
Nikkor 105mm AF-S f/2.8G IF-ED VR Micro
Nikkor 10-24mm AF-S DX f/3.5-4.5G ED
Nikkor 14-24mm AF-S f/2.8G ED
Nikkor 24-70mm AF-S f/2.8G ED
Nikkor 70-200mm AF-S f/2.8G ED VR II Continue Reading →