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Phase One P45+ Digital Back Hire


The top quality fast fashion shooter with ISO1600, superior moiré control, and well suited for harsh environments.
-Phase One is renowned for delivering the best image quality and the most efficient workflow in the world.
- By introducing Dynamic+ Phase One boosts performance on higher dynamic range. The result is a better high ISO image quality in general and a new ISO 1600 for faster shutter speed and low light images.
- They have unlimited burst capacity and up to 40 frames per minute.
- The new Phase One XPose+ technology lets you perform even longer exposure times – up to one hour at 15oC. At the same time it enables extreme light painting – capture images no one else can!
- The first P series has proven to be the market’s most reliable. The new Phase One P+ digital camera backs are optimized for harsh environments. You will be able to shoot in dusty environments, in extreme cold and warm conditions. 100 % uptime is assured.
- Phase One’s new Live Preview will be your best experience ever. Scalable focus window and best in class color reproduction just to mention a couple of the new features. Furthermore, a new display with 230,000 pixels is introduced. The display provides high brightness and contrast both indoor and outdoor, and with very fine details.
Phase One P30+ Features:
- Portable
- 39 megapixel CCD
- 117mb files
- Highest quality single-shot
- Shoot to compact flash or shoot tethered
- Digital Back(DB) software


Daily Hire Price $495.00 incl. GST

Available Hire Options:


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